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Yuzhou blue source Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the East Industrial Park of Yuzhou, Henan province. The company has filter plate and accessories manufacturing workshop, press filter machine frame manufacturing workshop, hydraulic oil cylinder workshop, hydraulic station manufacturing workshop, etc., with a total area of more than 20 mu, with more than 1000 yuan of fixed assets, is a comprehensive company which integrates design, manufacture, sale and service. There are many years of professional production technology, after-sales service team, excellent manufacturing equipment, perfect testing means, advanced production technology, years of experience, high technology level, independent research and development patent technology and strict quality management, and solve various complex filtering problems in different places to ensure that the company's products are always running in the best state; innovative products and systems The solution is a valuable and indispensable contribution to your success -- the source of innovation for our success.
In product design, we have learned advanced technology in USA, Japan, Germany and other countries, and have many patented technologies to enhance polypropylene and diaphragm TPE elastomers. The company has developed a series of filter equipment, such as plate frame filter press, wing filter press, diaphragm filter press, belt press filter, rubber vacuum belt filter, cast iron filter press, stainless steel filter and so on. There are five main categories of automatic product automation: manual, mechanical, hydraulic, PLC program control, full automatic, filter area 0.5-1500, filter plate material: reinforced polypropylene, TPE elastomer, glass fiber polypropylene, cast iron, stainless steel and so on. At the same time, a variety of filter press customization systems are developed to meet the market demand, such as filter cake transportation, varicose forced discharge, filter cloth automatic The products are widely used in chemical, metallurgical, petroleum, ceramic, food, pharmaceutical, building materials, coal washing, mining and sewage treatment industries. This company has won the honorary title of "the national demonstration unit of quality and credit integrity",
"Value added, convenience and integrity" is our eternal aim. Fast service is our consistent style. User satisfaction is our biggest wish. All employees in the company know that "quality is the life of an enterprise and the user is the God of an enterprise". We uphold the spirit of enterprise, quality and service is an enterprising double foot, Yuzhou blue source Machinery Co., Ltd. is full of sincere expectation with friends from all walks of life to create a better future.

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Professional commitment to filter press industry experience

In the provincial scientific research and design units under the strong support of innovative technology, update products, has reached the domestic advanced level of similar enterprises

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Over the years, I plant attaches great importance to product quality, reputation first, to honest people, free home installation and commissioning, training technical staff, long-term tracking service.

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For a long time, I plant uphold the people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation business philosophy, continue to learn from domestic and foreign separation of machinery with the industry's advanced technology, through our plant technical staff

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